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Pre approval for purchase of


For pre-approval on Rental home, If you are salary employee, provide us the following documents:

  • W2 for 2 years

  • 2 Years Tax Returns

  • Your Last Pay Stubs

  • Your Bank Statements

  • Copy of your Driver License

  • others may require..

If you are self-employed,  provide us the following documents:

  • W2 for 2 years

  • 2 Years Tax Returns

  • Your Last Pay Stubs

  • Your Bank Statements

  • Copy of your Driver License

  • others may require.


For any question Please call:


    Phone :      816- 361-9988

    Fax :          816- 444-9415


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Interest rates on Rental home


Term Fixed




30 Years




15 Years 4.000% 00.000 4.125%
The above rates are for 08/30/2013 for rental home based on loan amount of $250K and credit score of 760 for purchase or rate term refinance . There are many factors which effects the rates such as  Loan size, Loan to Value credit score, property types. To get accurate  rate pleas call or complete form showing.

Phone:   816 361-9988


Quick Request Form for requesting loan officer to to call.

 Loan amount:

 Purchase Price:


Appraisal Value:

 Loan Purpose:

Property Type:

Loan  Term:



Your Name:



Your Credit Score:




Who is AGF Mortgage Inc


Since 1993, AGF Mortgage Inc has been originating mortgage loans for primary and rental homes  in Kansas and Missouri . Since most of our current borrowers are our existing customers, their families or their friends, that indicates that we have been treating our borrowers very well. 

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Snapshot o our loans Programs


For Purchase Rental Property

  Min. down payment on 1 unit  20-25%

▪  Min. down payment on 2-4 units  25%

  Min. loan size $50.000

  Max. loan on 1 unit $417,000

  Max. loan on 2-4  units will be higher


For Refinance Rental property

▪  Max. Loan to Value for 1 to 4 units 75%

▪  Max. Loan to Value for Condo unit 75%


For Cash Out Refinance

  Max. Loan to Value on 1unit Property 75%

▪  Max. Loan to Value on 2-4 units 70%

Harp Loan On Rental Home

  Max. Loan to Value up to up to105%

  Min. loan amount $50.000



Thank you for visiting our web site. Whether you are searching for a loan to buy your dream home, a lake house, a rental property or to refinance your existing First mortgages , you are in the right place. Below is a sample of a few of the loan programs we offer home owners and investors in  Kansas and Missouri.   

image  Single Family Dwelling image  Triplex or 3 units
image  Duplex or 2 units image   Four units
image  Over 4 units, visit our AGF Commercial sites.  

No Cost Pre-Approval for primary, second or rental home in Kansas and Missouri


These days, getting a pre-approval is the norm. Some home owners and real estate agents are hesitant to show you homes if you have not been pre-approved. If you are in the market to purchase an owner-occupied residence, a second home, or a rental property, you need to apply for a pre-approval.                                                                                                                                                                                     


Loans on Rental Properties  for Purchase or Refinance

The following is a list of some of our rental property loan programs. If you don't see the loan program that you have in mind, please contact a loan officer either by phone or by completing the request form. A loan officer will call you at your convenience.

image  Loan on 1 unit rental home up to 80% or 75%


image  Loan on 3 to 4 units rental home up to 75%

image  Loan on 1 to 2 units rental home up to 75%


image  Loan on 5 units or more up to 75% This will be a

image  Loan on 1 to 2 units rental home up to 70%


  commercial loan. visit our commercial site.

     Minimum loan $50,000               Call for details

Reasons to refinance the current mortgage



Refinance with cash out



Refinance with no Cash-Out

You may refinance your existing loan with cash out option and use the proceeds for:   This type of financing is ideal for those borrowers who do not need cash-out, but prefer one or combination of the following options.

image  Debt consolidation of high interest rate and


image  To lower interest rate and eliminate mortgage insurance

    monthly payment credit cards


image  To convert from owner-financed to regular mortgage

image  Remodeling or repairing


image  To convert from contract for deed to regular mortgage

image  Paying off student or car loans


image  To convert from rent-to-own to regular mortgage

image  Down payment of a vacation home


image  To convert from rent-to-own to regular mortgage

image  Down payment of another rental home


image  To remove borrower's or co-borrower's name in divorce cases

image  Any other plan that you may have


image  To combine existing first and second mortgages


image  To buy out one's partner if the property is a rental home

      Call for details                                                                               
Interest Rate Explanations



Interest Rate Explanations

The interest rates for California, Kansas and Missouri homeowners are based on the loan size and the credit score. Due to the fact that rates change by the hour, for more accurate rate, please complete the contact request form with your approximate loan size, property type, and your credit score. A loan officer will be happy to provide you with a more accurate interest rate quote. You could also call us any time from 8 am to 7 pm from Monday to Saturday.    

Interest rates will be based on the borrower's credit score. The higher the credit score the lower the rate would be . Interest rates and the percentage of loan to value change for  660, 680, 700, 720, 740, 760, 780 and 800 credit scores.


Why AGF Mortgage should be your choice?

Why AGF Mortgage should be your choice?

AGF Mortgage, Inc. was founded in 1993 with a commitment to Kansas and Missouri residents to provide the best possible real estate loans for owner occupied, non owner occupied (rental home), and second homes with low rates and low closing costs.

When it comes to our rates, whether you are an employee or self employed, you will find the most suitable loan program among hundreds that we offer through many investors. Our experience makes the loan processing smoother and faster.                                             

We challenge the major lenders in this area such as Chase, Bank of America and others with our low costs and excellent service.


Reasons to Refinance the Current Mortgage

Primary Reasons to Refinance the Current Mortgage

Other Reasons to Refinance

image Your current loan consists of  first and second mortgages

image  Pay off high rate and high monthly payment credit cards

    and you want to combine those into one loan with a low rate

image  Pay for down payment of rental or investment homes

image Your loan has a high interest rate

image  Pay for down payment of a 2nd or a lake home

image Your current rate is variable

image  Pay for remodeling of your home

image  Pay off personal or car loans

image  Pay for children's tuition

image Pay off student loans


Loan on Investment Property

Loan on Investment Property in  Kansas an Missouri

Are you searching for a loan to purchase or refinance multi family units from 1 to 4 units (1 unit, duplex, triplex or 4-plex) of rental property with low rates and low closing costs?  Would you like an expert loan officer to answer any question you may have? If so, you are in the right place. We have been providing loan on investment properties for our clients for the past 15 years with down payments as little as 10% .  For rental properties over 4 units  visit AGF Commercial Loan site. The states that we offer our commercial loan are: AL, AK, CA, CO, CT, DE, GA, ID, IN, IL, IA, KS, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MO, MT, NC, NE, NH, NM, OH, OK, OR, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VT, VA, WA, WV, WY. We have been active for providing loans on renal home in Lee's Summit, Liberty, Blue Springs, St Louis, spring field, Overland Park, Leawood, Olathe, Shawnee Mission Lees Summit, Shawnee, Mission Kansas

image For 1 to 4 units rental properties

 image  For multi family rental properties over 4 units, visit AGF Commercial Loan


Can Seller Pay Buyer's Closing Costs

Can Seller Pay Buyer's Closing Costs

Yes, the amount of seller's contribution toward closing costs and prepaid items  is limited to 2% on 1 to 4 units and 3%  on 5 or more units.

 image Property Tax 2 to 3 months
 image Hazard Insurance 14 months
 image Pre-paid Interest 1 to 25 days

when we pre-approve the loan, we will give our borrowers the estimated pre-paid items along with the closing costs within $100 of the actual costs.  For more details, please call 800-930-4243


Commercial Space for Rent or lease:  Commercial Office, Retail, Warehouse and Industrial Space for Rent or Lease in Kansas City and overland park

AGF Mortgage, Inc. is licensed in KS and MO. Missouri Residential Mortgage License Registrant NO. 06-063 and Kansas Residential Mortgage License Registrant NO. Mc.0002312 



Mortgage loan rates on rental homes or investment properties


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